Selected Literature on Mobility Issues in Europe

The literature list compiles information on recent research on programmes and schemes that aim to foster the trans-national mobility of artists and other cultural professionals in Europe. Annotations on the main messages of these research reports are included as are web links connecting you directly to the documents. 

Additional reports are included which address the legal conditions or the political climate framing this mobility and with related action taken on the European and national levels. Some examples of projects which experiment with mobility or discuss "nomadism" as an artistic topic are also provided.

More theoretical literature on mobility, general texts about taxation and social security and the large number of studies dealing with student / academic mobility are rare in this collection, as the latter is not the focus of the study.

The ERICarts Institute is grateful to contributors from different parts of Europe who helped to make this overview more complete and meaningful.

General Publications and Documents Relating to Mobility Issues

Official Documents of European Union Bodies

What is Mobility?

Mobility is the temporary cross-border movement of artists and other cultural professionals.

Related Websites

European Agenda for Culture

Causes & Consequences of Mobility

Status of Artists in Europe

Compendium of Cultural Policies
    and Trends in Europe





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