Mobility Matters

Final Report on Programmes and Schemes to Support the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals

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1.        Background, conceptual issues and methodology

1.1       Mobility in the context of EU developments

1.2       Objectives, methodology and definitions

1.3       Results of previous research

1.4       Deficits in empirical research and statistical monitoring

2.         A diverse mobility environment:
            trends, drivers, restraints

2.1       Overview

2.2       Main trends and contradictions in international cultural co-operation

2.3       The role of national foreign and internal policies
            for culture sector mobility

2.4       Impediments to trans-national mobility

2.5       Rising air travel costs

3.        Mobility schemes for cultural professionals

3.1       Survey overview

3.2       Motives of mobility funders and fund seekers

3.3       Mobility schemes: types and typologies

3.4       Trends in different regions of Europe

3.5       Mobility funding provided by regional or local authorities

3.6       Support for mobility and cooperation in border-regions

4.        Assessing the impact and effectiveness
           of existing mobility schemes

4.1       Measuring impact and effectiveness

4.2       Learning from the evaluation of the Nordic mobility support system

4.3       Targets: sectors, individuals and groups, destinations, thematic fields

4.4       Levels of support (nature and size of benefits)

4.5       Application procedures and access to information

4.6       Short term project support vs. long term investments

4.7       A balance between sending and receiving countries?

4.8       Main messages

5.        Recommendations: towards more balanced
           and productive cultural mobility programmes

5.1       Adopt a developmental approach to mobility

5.2       Adopt a cultural diversity dimension to the overall mission
            and activities of mobility programmes and grants

5.3       Pursue mobility programmes and schemes
            that support productive mobility experiences

5.4       Re-examine cultural diplomacy / cultural co-operation programmes

5.5       Concerted efforts to address mobility at the European level


ANNEX 1 -       Literature List

ANNEX 2 -       Project Questionnaire

ANNEX 3 -       Country by Country Overviews

ANNEX 4 -       Reports on Regional Trends

ANNEX 5 -       39 Case Studies

ANNEX 6 -       CVs of Research Team/Project Experts

ANNEX 7 -       Project Workshop

ANNEX 8 -       Statistics on Artists Residencies

ANNEX 9 -       Recognising the Significance of Culture in Government
                       and EU External Relations (by Rod Fisher)

ANNEX 10 -     Pérégrinations d'un artiste mobile en Europe
                      (by Suzanne Capiau)

What is Mobility?

Mobility is the temporary cross-border movement of artists and other cultural professionals.

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